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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 16, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 fire tears through a the damage done and the residents left homeless. the break frommthe heat is over.just how hottit will get today... and hen it could get even hotter. and... if you don'ttlike spending money... why you might want to fill ppyyur car today. 3 3 monday july 16th ,3
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this morning after flames ripp - through their randdllstown aparrment complex.the flamess could be seen for blocks. blocks.megan gilliland is here with some incredible pictures from the scene and ore on how those affected re starting
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good morning guysstake a look at ttis can see the smoke just billooing out of the apartment complex heree n glen mmchael lane. tony colvin: 21.25 "an big flames and big, big things of moke." smoke."at one point... he flames shot as high as 20 feet into the ignited ust after midnight yesterday... ann eventuaaly spread to the building next took the wo alarm fire unner control.neighbors couldn't believe their eyes... tony colvin: 20.222"looked up, there was smoke engulfing the liberty oad."jamie renee: 22.31 "and, then, i just sse a bunch of flames sparking and stuff. it was scary. i felt bad for eveeybody in that build" building."fortunatley no onee was hurt.aad we know the american red cross and the apartment's management company are working with tenants on new places to thhs hour... the caase is still under investigation.
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but neighbors are speculating. coming up next half hour... what one resident believes spaaked it all.i'm megan this morning... policeeare stiil investigating a shooting that left oneeman dead in northwest baltimore. police got a call about a suspicious annstanding reissertown road and west belvedere avenue early sattrday morning. whennpolice triiddto confront the man, he police say the susseectthhn m..- reached in his pocket or a semi-automatic handgun... that's when the police officer shot the man.the suspect later dded at sinai hospital. pooiceeare asking ffr yoor ddy.- pell in finding the maa hh salonnin ellicott city sunday. two counts of first and second endangerment and multiple gun charges...after police say e her mall friend inside the ánail and hair care spaá near richaads valley and waterloo
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road. both victims were taken to shock trauma and are in -cr offering a cash reward too anyone with information. a body s found behind an exxon gas station in dundalk. dundalk.ii happened at the exxonnon merritt boulevard. police say the state medical examiner is investigating the cause of death of the male victim.the body appears to &phave been in thh wooded area for some time. chris trociuk: "it's terrible. murdered or what happened?" yvonne baugher: "it scares me, because every night, i walk up to the store, and now i'm afraid, f i walk up, is somethhng gonna happen to me?" &psay there weee no obvious frist degree murder charges pre slapppe on several teenagers accused of videotapiig a man eing beaten to death... and then posting video of the crime on acebook. facebook.chicago police elieve 62 year old delfino mora was the target in a game offpoint and punch betweee
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gang members. police say mora was attackkd... and left for dead by the group... who then posted vidoe offthe attack on facebook. so far three teens have been charged with first degree urder in the attack. a new multi-miilion dolllr lending assistance program is cominn to balttmore. it's part of the wells fargo settlement, and designed to help those who want to buy or renovate homes, and live in the city. city. joel d. smitt is mmoe on thattprogram and another that's alrrady working to bring moreeresidents intt the city. good morning joel dd
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3 public works will begin replacing three sections f a baltimore this morning. morning.water ustomers near &pwwistler and wilmarco avenues may notice a sliggt drop in pressure as the repairs continu. continue.sections of the 54 weeks to replace.uire two reppace....and public workss continue conservation efforts until the repairs a re complete. mitt romney waats president barack obama to apologize for his campaign's suggestion... that he may have committee a felony in his claims to the securitiee and exchange commission about his tenure at bain capital. but as anna kooiman explains... the president is making it clear... there's no ppology on the way. way. the obama campaign, looking for answers over whether mitt romney was aa the helm of the private equity firm when it sent jobs overseas. when it comes to mitt romney's period of time from 19--9 to 2001, is in question.
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that's the time whennromney steeped in to run the olympics ... ut was also listed as the áheadd of the firm.gillespie says: "e wws on leave / he wws still ceo and had shares put he wasn't responsible for management and that's the bottom line." the deputy campaign manager who prompted &pdefendinggher comments... she said any misrepresentation offa signature tt the s-e-c -- ámight beá a felony.cutter says: "ii he wasn't the head of it, who was? the simple point is f you're telling the ssc that you're in charge but you'reetelling the americaa people thaa you bear no responsibility, one of ttose things is not true." mitt romney, looking for "signature-gate" -- not president, saying (quote)... (fs) "no, we will not apologize...i think voters entirely legitimately want tt business experience." whiie romney's advisors spent the day defending his madden sayy: "i think it is very troubling that the president would direct his campaign to label someone like governor romney, who is a vvry
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good and onorable man, as a felon.(crosstalk: that's not what i said!)" cutter says: "it's not the obama campaign that is makinggthese allegations, it's independent reporting from the press." (kooiman on cam tag)president obama's formmr chief of stafff -- now chicago mayyr ahm emanuel....telling the presumptive g-o-p nominee to heed his own advicee-- and (quote) "stop whining."in new york - anna kooiman - foxx ews. wwile republicans and democrats prepare for their politicall party has already chosen its presidential nominee. nominee. the ágreen parttá chose doctor jill stein at its nominating convention in baltimore over the weekend. stein says she wants to be the voiceeof average americans. the physician from althcare... massachusetts doesn'' thiik president obama - or governor mitt romney - havv the right would eepand medicare to all n - americans. 11:56:56 "i live in massachusettes so i know what romney care or you coull call it obamacare is all aboot." pitted poor peoppe against
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near-poor ppople.... bbt at the cost of the working poor and low-income eople." peopll."stein knows as a third-party candidaae ... she'll face a steep uphill battle n thh voting booth but belieees her party is breaking barriers every year. if you want to read more about ggeen paaty nominee jill stein or anything else on the campaign traill head to fox baltimore dot on a new program aims to help wounded warriors get back on their feet. senator ben cardin aad representative to discuss "hotels for heroes."- it's a program aimed at reducing ttavel ccsts for wounded allowing americans to donate hotel rewards points to veterans aad their of noww.. 6 hotel chains are participating.the program is an expansion of another program... that llows people to military families.
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poming up on the early edition... flag contrrversy. controversy.fender says: "betrayed by the peopll we're putting trust in that we're voting for " why firefighters in one aalowed to wave "old glory."- glory." ( telephone rings )
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still to comee.. get ready to pay more at the pump.why gas prices are rise.ffnder says: "beerayed by in that we're voting for " 3&and next... firefighterr.. no longer allowed to wave the flag.why they're not supposed to show their patriotic pride anymore. ♪
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one pet at a time. (((reak 2)) 3 florida fire fighters say they're no longer allowed to fly american flags from tteir trucks.the city of seminole apparently received two complaintt before isssing the ban.. but as peeer linton smith reports... residents are fighting back. back. these seminole residents say they're patriotic. but they're also a bit perturbed.fender we're putting trust in that we'rr otiig for " a dozen demonstrators ssood outside a seminole fire station waving american flags they're here becauseethhy say fire fighters are banned from flying old glory on their trrcks. hirschfield says: "there wws n order from the chieffto remmve all flags from the apparatus " a spokeswoman for seeinole fire rescue told fox 13 the city iss
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trying to be sensitiveeabout the proper display of the camera fire fighters old us someone complained to the city about a large american flag being floww from the back of a ladder truck. when it they were told tooggt rid of - smaller flags flying from "my goal today is they say &p'...yes the flags are oiig back on the trucks, yes we have a solution.'" the demonstrators are memberssof several llcal miliiary support groups. thee say they took to the streetssafter their complaints were ignoree. the city of seminole apparently oess't object to every american flag. check this out old glory flying above city hall even on a sunday. these demonstrators saa they'ree trying to protect a tradition that sttrted after hundreds of fire fighters were killed trying to save people from the worll ttade center on 9-11. fender ssys: "to be able to fly the flag and support our country it should be a right " straight ahead... gas prices.. are 20 cents lower ttan thii time last year.
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are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie. 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty. ((breek 3)) one of the country's biggest banks is taking a bbi hit. alissn kosik has more on the multi-billionndollar loss. 3 j-p morgan chase reported a massive 5-point-8 billion dollar lossstied to risky traaes ii the london oofice.that's almost triple what was originally thought. and c-e-- jamie dimon says it might get even bigger-- almost $2 billion dollars bigger. the bank still has to unwind some of the trades-- and that can take time and oney.but believe it or not-- the hhge morgan still managed to beat - exppctattons with a $5 billion dollar profit in the second quarter.and even though stock wws pummelld after the
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announcement of big trrding for the year.the bank says the chief investment office-- where the losses came from-- will no longer trade invooled could lose their salaries from the last two years-- plus their jobs. dimon actually sat down with analysts for a lengthy meeting to discuss the heavy losses. this is all music to wall street's ears.investors new bigglosses were coming.they wanted to see the bank pddressing the problem-- and getting back on track.i'm alisonnkosik in new yorr. -----end-----cnn.script----- coming up... the boss... cut off. nats nats why one of bruceessringsteen's shows was cut short this weekee. peekenddfire tears through a randallstown aparttent complex. the damage done and the residents left homeless. homeeess. the baltimooe grand prix the
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questions facing organizers one month before 3
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